Sweet Summertime!

Nothing says "southern summer" quite like red, white and blue, an old Ford, and some fresh slices of watermelon....throw in some popsicles for good measure too, just to beat the heat ;) Two evenings with some of the best families and clients ever made for an eventful (and successful) first mini-sessions from Catrina Moretz Photography. We worked around some summer storms - which is the understatement of the year considering HAIL came through with no warning! Welcome to summer in North Carolina y'all...

The weather couldn't stop us on night one, and thanks to some really flexible clients, night two was even better!

These pictures were taken at a place very special to me, my grandfather's property. My Papa grew up there and resettled back on the land once my dad and his brother were teenagers. My grandmother drew the floor plans for the home and spent decades stewarding beautiful gardens and flower beds. Papa spent countless hours meticulously grooming the lawn, mowing acres of grass. There weren't many times we pulled up in the yard and he wasn't on the mower. Some of my favorite memories are here - collecting tadpoles in the creek with Mimi, their old Weimaraner, Winslow, following me in the golf cart while I whipped it around like a banshee, just to name a couple...HA! Now, as a thirty-year-old, it was especially meaningful to me to capture these moments through photography for other families at a place so special to me. I think I will treasure these photos just as much as my clients will.

I loved everything about this shoot, the vibrant colors, the relaxed feel of the white linen and denim fabrics, the light shimmering through the trees and scattering across the truck bed with the sheets blowing in the breeze, bare feet, and the trickles of watermelon juice running down kiddos' faces as they enjoyed a cold slice. My goal for this shoot was to encapsulate summer in North Carolina, and for these photos to invoke the feelings and memories of summer every time they are looked at!

Ever since this shoot I've been scheming about what's next.....stay tuned for more mini-sessions coming down the pipeline! The first of many blog posts to come!